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Eaton UPS Repair? Obsolete? No Problem!


Recently, a customer inquired with LyraTronix about having their 11kVa Eaton 9PX UPS (Model 9PX-911KTF5) repaired. They had just replaced their aging, 4 year old batteries and one week later the UPS alarm indicated a Rectifier Fault.  This fault left their load unprotected. This $12,000 UPS system was no longer supported by the manufacturer and they did not want to buy a costly new one and lose their investment in the recently purchased batteries. LyraTronix evaluated and repaired the internal circuit board, which offered significant cost savings to the customer and provided a 12-month warranty.  The customer load was back online and they continued normal operations.  Customers frequently say their equipment is no longer supported by the manufacturer, but at LyraTronix we DO what the manufacturer will NOT! Obsolete? No Problem, we troubleshoot PCBs down to the component level. Are you in need of Eaton UPS Repair? Call LyraTronix Today 1-800-643-1412

2 thoughts on “Eaton UPS Repair? Obsolete? No Problem!

  1. hello,
    i have an eaton ups model 5p1150i. i got it from an friend of mine who saw smoke coming out of the back. after opening it up i found that part number C15 was burned out. now i cant find any schematic anywere and was wondering if you guys have an description of what this component might be. ( it is line with a few resistors) i would really like an answer becours i live in the netherlands and it would be pretty expansive to send it to you. (becourse it has been opend up and my friend isnt good with keeping screws :/ it doesnt fall under warrenty anymore.

    Floris Verwey

    1. Hi Floris,

      Thank you for your inquiry, I will follow up with you via email.


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