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K&S 982 Dicing Saw

K&S 982 Dicing Saw repair service

K&S 982 Dicing Saw

The K&S 982 dicing saw is an ultra-precise CNC type machine that cuts the raw silicon wafers into the proper size needed for an integrated circuit to be produced.

The saw blade is mounted on an air bearing spindle that may spin at 30,000 RPM and is controlled by an electronic controller.

The K&S 982 model saw is now considered obsolete by the manufacturer. The manufacturer no longer provides support or replacement parts for the K&S 982 and recommends the purchase of a new model saw with a price tag starting at $125,000.

With a price starting at $125,000 for a new saw and no factory replacement parts there is a need to repair parts for owners not ready to invest in new equipment. The electronic controller has become the weak link.

Recently LyraTronix was contacted about repairing an SB-1001CE-KS controller from a K&S 982 dicing saw. The owner refurbishes dicing saws and while he was able to repair the mechanical components he was unable to get the electronic controllers repaired in the United States.

The owner had tried the repair services that pop up at the top of an internet search and while each one had assured him they could repair the controllers when they were returned they still would not work. He eventually found an individual in Canada that could repair them but was retired and not interested in repairing more than one or two a year, maybe.

After explaining the problem, to our technician, a controller was shipped to LyraTronix for analysis, repairs were made, and since they had ten other controllers that needed repairs,  the repaired controller was brought to Dallas for the owner to install and test.

After a few adjustments, the K&S 982 came to life and was spinning at 25,000 RPM.

The owner was elated, not only had the controller been repaired, it had been repaired in record time and did not have to be shipped through customs to and from Canada.

LyraTronix is an industrial electronics repair business specializing in circuit board repair. LyraTronix can repair obsolete controllers.