Circuit Board Repair

Professional circuit board repair by LyraTronix.
LyraTronix’s circuit board repair services can bring industrial and commercial electronics back to life.

LyraTronix specializes in the repair of industrial and commercial electronic equipment. If you suspect a damaged Printed Circuit Board (PCB), but it is no longer under warranty or available from the manufacturer, don’t worry, we can help. By utilizing our printed circuit board repair (PCB Repair) service, most damaged, obsolete electronics can be restored. We have a diverse skill set and we employ various techniques learned from over 17 years of experience. This has enabled us to successfully repair electronics from numerous industries. No matter the make or model, we hope you will choose LyraTronix as your industry partner for electronics repair.

LyraTronix Specializes in Printed Circuit Board Repair

Did you know that LyraTronix has repaired 7 figure production equipment for large manufacturers as well as equipment for small family run businesses like engravers? We service board assemblies for many types of electronics including, manufacturing equipment, commercial equipment, machinery, AC/DC motor controls, power supplies, displays, welding & cutting controls, PLCs, temperature controllers and more. Our circuit board repair services help support both large and small businesses, including end users. A PCB repair solution can help minimize downtime and get your equipment back into operation. At LyraTronix, we believe an exceptional repair is indispensable and nobody offers more cost saving repair services.

PCB repair service by LyraTronix
Obsolete equipment is no longer a problem with LyraTronix’s PCB repair services.

LyraTronix PCB Repair Benefits

  • Premium components that last!
  • 12 month limited warranty
  • Save cash over replacement costs
  • Help to keep electronics out of the landfill
  • 7 to 10 business day average turn around
  • 1 to 4 business day emergency repair

Fast Fact: A new customer recently saved $77K on the repair of an obsolete solder reflow oven. When the OEM would not support this early 90’s oven, LyraTronix said Yes!

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