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Soft Tub

Great service, and the correct repair.

Awesome service

It works now!

Thumb$ Up

Shipped out my dryer control board out on a Monday and had it back, repaired, and in my hand the following Monday. Reconnected the panel and our dryer was once again working perfectly. LyraTronix saved me about $200 and eliminated any concern about buying the wrong replacement part. Could not be happier. Thanks!


I was skeptical but I went ahead and removed my board (take pics and make diagrams) and sent it in. About a week later I was reinstalling the board. My Softub performs like new!!! This saved a month or more of wait time compared to Softubs service estimate plus it was much more affordable. Thanks!!!

Repair Of Softub Board

Great job, your circuit board repair completely fixed the pump frequently cycling on-off, and we received the repaired circuit board quickly. I'd highly recommend LyraTronix for repairing this problem with a Softub Unit as opposed to sending to Softub for repair.

Softub circuit board

It works! Very pleased. Fast turn around.

Good Service

Product was exactly as it should be.

Glad I used this service!

I am so happy - my Softub had been cycling off and on for a few months and the manufacturer quoted a high price to diagnose the problem. I’d even have to send the whole unit back. No thanks! I found your website and sent in my board, I received updates during the process and my fixed board was back in about a week! It was so easy! Very happy 😃

First time customer...

After searching several companies to repair a power supply on a Norcole freezer, I chose Lyratronics. I have been impressed in not only the speed of service, but also the communication has been clear and timeline were right and on time. Certainly would recommend this company, and will use them again.

Softub Motor Cycling On and Off - Highly Recommend Lyra Tronix

Our three year old Softub pump motor began short cycling on and off every 30 seconds. After having had a poor experience with Softub customer service, I decided to replace the circuit panel myself. I found a new circuit panel on the internet and it was over $400. Then, I ran across the Lyra Tronix store! For $150 Lyra Tronix repaired our circuit panel and it works like new. It is not that difficult to remove and reinstall the circuit panel. Mail your circuit panel to Lyra Tronix, they will fix it and mail it right back. Total time for mailing and return was two weeks using priority mail over a holiday. I am very happy with the results, service and highly recommend Lyra Tronix. Thank you!

Fantastic Service

I was very pleased with service and quick turnaround to receive the part in Canada at such a reasonable cost.

Control panel

Works great, fast service

Saved our Softub

Our soft had been gradually acting more and more strangely, unable to maintain a constant temperature, making the water dangerously hot. I had replaced the sensors, hoping that might help, but no. There are little to no parts available, and Softub support is non-existent, so we were about ready to give up and scrap it. We tried having LyraTronix fix the circuit board as a last ditch effort, and Voila! The tub is working again! If you have the aptitude to disassemble the pump and remove the circuit board (not that hard, just remember to take pics so you remember how it all goes back together) I highly recommend this service.

Very impressed with the customer service and repair. Tracking showed they received the circuit board before 1100, repaired it and had it packaged to go before 1500. And the pump works like new again! Saved us a lot of time and $$$.

Saved my softub

I had no luck getting any authorized dealers to even work on my softub. I found one who said I needed a circuit board but he didn't have one. Found LyraTronix by chance on the internet and said what the heck since a new board online is over $400. $150 is a good deal if it works and it did. I got the board back within a week and it works perfectly. Don't worry if there is limited communication. I heard nothing except that they got payment and where to send the board. There was no other communication about the repair including paperwork in the box in which I received the repair. That all seemed odd but the board and softub now works perfectly so thank you Lyratronix.

Softub 9037620 Repair Service

Great service

This saved me $500 even though it was under warranty

When in doubt, send it out. Cycling on and off.

I was reluctant to send this softub board out by mail, but after lots of research and not finding any aftermarket parts and really unfriendly authorized dealers, I took a shot. To my amazement, the service was great. The turnaround time was super fast and it worked once reinstalled!

Do yourself a favor and take lots of pics or video of your disassembly. I mistakenly didn't connect everything correctly the first time and thought it was the board not being fixed. I emailed and got an email back soon after, so I know there is a real person on the other end. He gave me some suggestions and was willing to have the board sent back to them. In the end, that was unnecessary when I found my mistake.

Before paying large sums for new boards, or having it serviced by the limited network of 'Authorized Dealers' consider LyraTronix.

Thank you for the help with my welder

I knew I was back in business. It now works in all modes. I have had this machine in my shop since it was new in the late 80's. It has been a great machine. I am thrilled to have it operational. Thanks again for the help.

Softub 9037620 repair

I was having issues with my Softub short cycling. Came across LyraTronix while searching the internet. Once I placed my order I received my shipping info promptly. The repaired unit was returned quickly. Since the board was re-installed, my Softub has been perfectly. Would definitely recommend LyraTronix. Make sure you take pictures of the board and wiring before you disconnect the wires from the board.

20 year old boat refrigerator.

Awesome service! I was told by locals that my 20 year old boat refrigerator was terminal and needed to be replaced. I took a chance at repair and sent the powerpack to Lyra Tronix. As promised, they fixed the problem and sent it by return UPS the day following their receipt of the unit. Refrigerator was up and running less then a week after sending out the part. $200.00 repair saved the purchase of a new $2,000.00 refrigerator. Highly recommend Lyra Tronix and will tell all of my boating community of their Excellent service.

You saved my 10+ year old Softub!

Team LyraTronix, I am happy to report that my Softub is back up and running just fine thanks to the circuit board repair that you provided. I wasn't at all sure what was wrong with my tub, but luckily I found your site where I learned that it was "short cycling" and that the circuit board could be the issue. I thought it may have been the end for my 10+ year old tub but now it’s running great! I most certainly highly recommend your company, you really know your business! Thank you very much for providing your excellent service.

circuit board

they do exactly what they say they and are great at answering questions

Awesome service

I had a Softub hot tub that had a bad control circuit board in it. Softub doesn't sell directly to the people so I was stuck until I found LyraTronix! I sent my circuit board to them and watched UPS delivery updates....the very day LyraTronix received it they fixed it and returned in that afternoon! That's great service!!! I recently put my system back together and yes, it's fixed!!! Thank you LyraTronix.!!!

Softub control board repair

Fast turn around. Everything is now working on my Softub. Great savings over a new board, even if you can find one to replace it yourself.Would recommend for repair. Some communication with the customer would be a plus.