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Everything worked as stated

Excellent solution

The process was simple to get the circuit board to Lyratronix. They repaired it and sent it back timely.
My hot tub is back up and running. Extremely satisfied !!!

Hobart 203655 circuit board repair

Board was repaired in a timely manner and is performing as it should. Would recommend and use LyraTronix again if needed

Excellent service

Process to have circuit board repaired was very efficient and timely. If you are able to remove and reinstall circuit board yourself.


Went out of there way to help


This team I didn't know existed. SO professional. Simple. Go online and get it set up. Place in bubble wrap. Print out label. Drop off. I heard from them within I think 2 days. Within I think another day they said it could be fixed and was on it's way back. I didn't have the newest unit. I live in SC. My down time for my Softub was less than 2 weeks for this whole process. Customer service on the phone really important to me. Ending this review with "Excellent."

Softub 300 saved

Worried about sending part out.
It went smoothly. Shipping was easy and repair was done and returned in good time.
The price saved us from getting rid of tub.

Great company

We sent out softub circuit board in to be repaired and were very pleased. The repair was made in a timely manner and at a far lower cost than it would have cost with softub even though our tub was still under warranty.

LyraTronix to the rescue!

Great price, incredible service, fast shipping. We sent our Softub circuit to them from our home town of Mattawa, Ontario, Canada and had our refurbished circuit board back in about 3 weeks time! I reinstalled it and we our back enjoying our Softub as if it were brand new! I highly recommend their Softub 9037620 repair service. Much quicker than dealing with Softub directly and much more affordable.

Fast return as promised.

No more waitlists

I can’t be more grateful with my experience. I was on a waitlist to get my control board repaired for eight months and turned me over to the dealer after that as was put in another five month wait, plus I had to send the whole pump in with it. I wish I would have found Lyra Tronix sooner, within two weeks my tub was running! Thank you!

Norcold 160113911 Repair Service

Miller board repair

They did it right. What else can you say? Send them a board that doesn't work, and they send it back in a few days working like magic.

Great Work

Very pleased with your work and timely repair. Happy Wife Happy Life

Hobart Service Board repair

We are very satisfied with product, service and price. Great turn around time and received exaclty what we were told we would. Great place to do business and very nice company. Will tell all our friends

It works

I sent the control board for my older model Softub. They were able to repair it and my Softub operates normally again. I can’t speak to longevity since I just reinstalled the repaired control board but thus far everything works beautifully.

Softub hot tub circuit board repair

After finding out that the circuit board on my hot tub went out and Softub was 20 weeks out to get it repaired and no where in the country to get a new one at the cost of 506.00. I searched the web and came across lyratronix. I disassembled my hot tub pump and retrieved the circuit board ( very easy to do if you’re mechanically inclined). Logged on to their website and ordered a repair. They sent the shipping label in two business days. Package was sent to them and about a week later the repaired board was back and installed and working properly. Great service, great price, and great warranty. Keep up the great work. We need more companies like this in America. Thank you all!!!

Satisfied Customer.

So far so good. I installed my repaired board about a month ago and it has worked great so far. The tub was cycling on and off rapidly, and showing erratic temperature numbers. Now it works as it did before. Removing the circuitboard sending the unit and reinstalling was all relatively easy.

Softub T300 Fixed by LyraTronix!

I was enduring numerous issues with my 2019 softub t300. It got to the point where the softub caused more stress than relaxation. At one point I was manually plugging and unplugging the hot tub in to get the heat right, otherwise it would stay on 24/7 and get burn your skin hot. I finally had enough and sent the circuit board into LyraTronix hoping for a solve. I am happy to report success. So happy and thankful to have a proper working softub again. Finally the stress free relaxation I needed. Thanks LyraTronix!

Enjoying my Softub in two weeks!

I had my service center remove the board, I mailed it in. On its way back in a few days, service guy installed and tested it. Works like new. Ahhh...

Softball PCB Repair

Called Lyratronix about my Softub issues. The technician was very knowledgeable and explained the repair process. Shipping label provided. Fast turnaround with 100% satisfaction. Softub working again.

Rebuild of Softub motherboard

I had to call the service number 3 times while removing the board from my unit, before even sending it to you. The gentleman on the phone was very very helpful and knew exactly what I was describing. New unit works perfectly. Very fast turnaround - email came on a Sunday night! Great service for a decent cost. Thank you so much!

Hot tub back on line

Very fast service and works well

Works great so far! Thanks

The absolute best!

My Softub was cycling on and off, it was basically usable. I send the circuit board to Lyratronix and now it works like new.