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I couldn't be more satisfied with this service!

For a fraction of the cost of a new circuit board, I mailed mine to them on a Monday and had it back Thursday—rebuilt and in like-new condition. Installed the board and it’s working perfectly. I am a very satisfied customer and and highly recommend them to any and all!

Soft Tub circuit Board Repair

Softtub dealer where I bought told me it would take about 10 months if I get in line now to get this repaired even under warranty, and it would cost min $275.00. My friend found Lyra Tronix, I sent in the board it was back in 4 days, I put it back into the Softube and it has been working like new ever since! Less they $200 for shipping and repairs. Awesome find.

Soft Tub Repair Circuit board

Call the Soft Tub Repair repair place. There a new circuit board was $400. Did a search online and came across Lyratronix. Sent them my circuit board and for $150 they fix the problem. It’s nice to see a company stand behind what they advertise. And these folks do it

Very satisfied! Works great.

Much less expensive than buying a new board and it worked great. Shipping was fast as well.

Softtub repair

Prior reviews mentioned quick turnaround and satisfaction with work. Tub was cycling on and off constantly. Removed circuit board, shipped to LyraTronix. They received and sent back board quickly. Installed and have not had a problem. Thanks


Mother board fixed

My husband and I were so upset when our dryer quit operating, due to the motherboard needing repair, but even more disappointed when we learned that it was going to cost us over $300.00 to purchase another motherboard or over $800.00 to purchase another dryer. As I prayed and did some research for a better price, I came across LyraTronix…talk about a savings!! The offer was to repair the motherboard for $75.00. They even provided a shipping label….I believe our total out of pocket was approximately $115.00. We were a bit skeptical, but they also offered a one year warranty, so we figured we didn’t have anything to lose. Within a week we had our motherboard back to us and my husband installed it and it has been working like a charm! We will definitely reach out to LyraTronix for any future electrical repairs to our appliances!
Thank you LyraTronix for saving our bank account!

Fixed a cycling Softub 220

6-year old Softub 220 was pump/heat cycling every minute or two for up to 15 seconds. It was irritating to hear and didn't keep the tub hot. The tub maker suggested replacing the circuit board ($350 + service call) but couldn't guarantee that was the problem. Lyratronix's was less than half the price and the tub was back to normal operation in less than 2 weeks. UPDATE: 2 months later the tub is still running great. I highly recommend

Hot tub bubbles

Process was quick and easy. Repaired board works perfectly. The board before repair lasted 6 years. Hope this one is as reliable.

Softub 300 Circuit Board Repair

My 3 year old Softub 300 started short cycling once it reached set temperature. Sometimes it would run for 30 seconds shut off for a minute then cycle back on again. After doing some research, came across Lyra Tronix and noted many Softub owners have had the same problems and having their circuit board repaired by Lyra Tronix solved the issue. I also noted that they had a 5 star rating. Placed my order online, they emailed a shipping label, boxed up circuit board and sent it FedEx. Received the repaired board back in a couple of days and now back in hot water. Great service, super easy, highly recommend.

Thank you.

Welder working perfectly.

It worked well,

fixed it fast

the board was back to me within a week and it works.

Super quick! Tub works great!

We received our part very quickly. The entire process was easy. Our tub is working like new!

Softub circuit board

It worked exactly as if it were new

Softub pc board repair

We received back 6 repaired boards to our satisfaction. Delivery time was excellent.

Great job dryer working again just line new, very fast service

Softub board repair

Great service. I was getting the on and off every few seconds with the pump. Sent in the board, repairs were done and shipped back immediately. Once the board was re-installed the softub works as it should. Would reccomend

You service is fantastic !!!!

So happy with your repair service. Not sure what you did but it is working as if it were brand new !!!!!! The alternative of a new unit is 10 times the price !!! Thank you for provide this great service to all softub users

Softub circuit board repair

as everyone knows who has dealt with Softub, their customer service is terrible at best. I had a problem with my Softub cycling on and off as well as no control of temperature. I was able to find a new circuit board for $400 to replace the bad one but was fortunate enough to find LyraTronix circuit board repair that could repair it for 150. I was a little hesitant at first because it sounded too good to be true-a repair at a fraction of the cost to get my Softub back up and working correctly. After reading the other great reviews I decided to go for it and sent my circuit board in. I received it back in a couple of days after the repair and re-installed. My Softub now works perfectly. I couldn't be happier with LyraTronix and the repair that was done on my Softub controls circuit board. Have confidence if you are experiencing the same issues with your Softub that this company is legit and will be able to make your repair needed at a fraction of the cost of a new circuit board.

Softub Repair

Service was super fast and now our Softub works perfectly. Our Softub was cycling off and on constantly. Sent off our part and it was returned in a week, repaired. Thank you so much for the quick service and reasonable cost.

Super fast turnaround time and all issues resolved!

I was leery at first whether or not this would resolve all our Softub issues. Our hot tub was defaulting back to 100 degrees and turning on and off every 30 seconds allll day. Softub customer support wanted $100 for shipping out the pump and then crazy amounts to find and fix any issue. Instead, I sent our circuit board to the guys at LyraTronix. Between shipping, repairs, and return shipping, it took maybe a week total until we got our circuit board back. All our Softub issues are resolved and it is working wonderfully. I highly recommend using LyraTronix before dealing with Softub support.

perfect, like new. thanks!

Softub circuit board

My 8 year old Softub 220 was cycling continuously, and I was not able to get it above 100 degrees, (not hot enough). Softub had a repair waitlist of 5 months, and circuitboard part was not even currently available. It took some courage and finesse to safety extract circuitboard, but I am no wizard and was successful. Mailing time from WA to AR was 8 days via FedEx both ways, repair was done in a day, so I had it back in less than 3 weeks!
Either my high temp sensor or my control panel is still wonky, as it will not shut off when it reaches high temp, but I control it by plugging it in and unplugging it, and can get it as hot as I like!
LyraTronix is awesome!
I love my Softub, but parts and repair are expensive, proprietary, long wait and possibly not available from dealer. Re-using by making as new, is better and more affordable in my opinion.
Thank you LyraTronix for getting me back in my tub in time for the cold weather!

Quick Turn-Around, Fixed Our Issue

We used LyraTronix for repair of the circuit board from our SoftTub. It was very easy to ship our part with the instructions given. We received timely communications, tracking for our item, and got it back in just a few days. Best of all, it fixed our issue and our hot tub is back up and running! We are still curious what was wrong with our board that was repaired, but in any case highly satisfied. Definitely recommend.