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Repairs to my Softub board

Repairs were done and softub now works again. Quick and easy. Thanks for your help

Softub Circuit Board Repair

We couldn't be more impressed with the service provided. Our softub was constantly shorting out, which caused other lights around the house to flicker and made the tub completely unusable. Had a friend recommend LyraTronix to address the circuit board and placed the order. We were a little wary of paying up front but we received the confirmation back immediately along with a shipping label for tracking. Sent our old circuit board in and no more than 2 weeks later received the replacement. Fantastic service all around.

Softub 9037620 Repair Service

Went the extra mile

My component needed more than normal repairs, they stayed with their flat rate estimate and had a quick turnaround.

Softtub cycling fix

We were about ready to throw the tub away. Absolutely zero help from Evergreen Softtub Kent, WA. I stumbled upon LyraTronix with a Google search. Their fix has been amazing. Would 100% recommend.

So far so good

Have had my board back for about a month now and everything seems to be working as it should. If this proves to be a long term fix I would be extremely satisfied. So far so good, but can't yet vouch for how long it will last. Before this fix the tub was extremely unreliable and at the end wouldn't even start up anymore!

Amazing Service

I sent my Softub circuit board which was short cycling. A few days later it came back. I installed it ans the hot tub is as good as new.

Great turn around

I’m a procrastinator, so I don’t have the SofTub running yet, but the turnaround time was fast. Looking forward to seeing if the repair is successful. Thank you.

Wonderful service

I sent the board in and it was returned in a week.
It works perfectly. Take plenty of pictures as you pull out the board. Don’t get too close for the images (you can zoom later). Take some with a flash to see deep into the assembly.

Repair of Defective Softub Circuit Board 9037620

I was able to trouble-shoot the problems we were having with our Softub by reading posts on the internet––erratic auto on/off cycling + overheating to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These satisfied customers led me to LyraTronix. Calling Softub personnel was of no help at all.
So I hired a tech-saavy friend to remove the circuit board from the Softub. This wasn’t easy—something I could not have done alone. We carefully photographed the wiring for future reference.
Prepaying and shipping to LyraTronix was easy, they fixed the circuitboard in about a week, and promptly returned it to us. My friend reinstalled the board, which was much easier than removing it, and now all of the Softub controls work as new, thanks to LyraTronix!


Working great! Thanks for your help, didn’t take long to get back. I am telling everyone that’s having trouble to contact you guys!

Works Great

Board was mailed in, fixed and back in my hands in less than 2 weeks. Works great. Will definitely use this service again in the future!

Soften pcb repair worked!

No complaints. Pretty quick turnaround and we have a hot tub back.

Fast, Accurate and Reasonable Softub Motherboard Repair

Our Softub recently started having trouble kicking the pump on, making a thumping noise. I searched the internet for solutions and found LyraTronix, a motherboard repair service. They had the solution to repair the motherboard. The cost was super reasonable and the fix was spot on. We shipped our motherboard in and had it back in less than 2 weeks. Popped the repaired motherboard in and it started right up. It’s been more than 3 weeks now with no problems. I highly recommend this softub motherboard repair service for anyone having issues with their softub pump trying to start up.

Very pleased with the fast service, board works great, thank you very much

Softub mother board repair

I was extremely impressed by the prompt service I received. Within a week, I mailed, LyraTronux repaired, I received back. Softub up and running. I highly recommend them for circuit board repair.

Amazing service!

Our Softub started "short cycling" meaning it was running on and off way too frequently. The Softub service center suggested I send the power unit ($150) and wait a minimum of 16 weeks for a diagnosis. They would then replace the circuit board (~$500) and charge for service time. Luckily we learned about LyraTronix who offered circuit board repairs for a flat fee of $150. I'm not an electronics guy - but was able to remove the board without much trouble (take pictures!) and sent it to LyraTronix who had provided a shipping label.
Amazingly, I had the board back 4 days later and the Softub has been flawless ever since. This is a great company that probably saved me about $1000 and weeks of waiting. Five stars all the way!

Softub 9037620 Repair Service

Easy to work with for such fine work

On reviews or anything no one or anything can't be perfect 5 or10 in my book even me I am not perfect to give a review! But in my book LYRA TRONIX came as close as any one can. Easy to work with as working with myself and the time frame was QUICKER than my expectations. The work done was as good or a whole lot better than as if I would have been qualified and done it myself. Referrals I will give them to anyone needing this kink of work .
Thanks a lot Lyra Tronix

pc board repair

the pc boards we repaired in a timely manor the work is very neat and clean, have put one of the boards back into service and it is working just as new, thank you for your great service.

great job

I read other reviews and they all said this was the way to go and they were right so far it’s working perfectly


Everything worked as stated

Excellent solution

The process was simple to get the circuit board to Lyratronix. They repaired it and sent it back timely.
My hot tub is back up and running. Extremely satisfied !!!

Hobart 203655 circuit board repair

Board was repaired in a timely manner and is performing as it should. Would recommend and use LyraTronix again if needed