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Softub Repair

These guys are the best hands down. They followed up to make sure they had the correct issue repaired and when I messed up the wiring on reconnection they walked me through it. Hot tub is back to new again! Thanks guys.

Lyra Tronix is the BEST

We were thrilled with the work you did to fix/replace our Soft Tub Spa pump circuit board at a very reasonable price. We had previously been instructed by the place we bought it to ship the entire pump to them to be fixed for many many hundreds of dollars.
Your work was quick, efficient, and reasonably priced and all we had to do was mail the circuit board. You deserve a major shoutout! Thanks again

Works great now

Quick turnaround and great service.

Softub circuit board repair

Once LyraTronix got their hands on the board they repaired and created a return shipping label the same day. Very impressive! I was disappointed in UPS as it was delayed sitting at its destination for a couple of days before being delivered to LyraTronix and the same thing on the return. It set in Texas for a couple of days before the 1 day return trip to New Mexico.

Efficiency and excellence

The repairs to my control board were done fast and effective. Waiting time was also very quick. My range is working perfectly once again. I greatly appreciate the fast return of my product. I will keep you in my contacts and recommend you if opportunities arise. Thank you

Softub circuit board repair

Great service, excellent communication and turn around time.
Reasonably priced and given a personal touch.

Board repair 10k generator

Works perfectly.The repair was professional.

Happy customer !!!

We are super happy we found this repair service. Bummed I thought I had to buy a new dryer. We sent out our motherboard and received it back the same week. Our dryer has another life ! Definitely exceeded our expectations.

Controller repair for LG dryer

Dryer controller died and no replacement parts are available so contacted them for a repair. They replied quickly and completed repair by next morning. Installed the repaired part and everything works again. Highly recommend.


My softtub started doing strange things (which I found was called short cycling). We tried to get help from softtub but it was VERY expensive and they wanted a long time. We took the control board out of the control box and took a chance at LyraTronix fixing it. Two weeks later we are up and running at a price which was a fraction of what softtub wanted. My wife is happy which makes for a happy life for me.

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Two R4211 cards repaired

Website good with pictures. Shipping Easy to do going & coming. Fast repair/ turn around. Prices less than half dealing with Mightymule. MM has changed their design concept, not sure I will ever tr. great experience.

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Hobart 197691 Repair Service


Great customer service and very prompt repair and return. Would definitely recommend to others.

Hobart 203655 Repair Service

Fantastic, Fast Service

My Softub hot tub stopped working due to a "problem with the circuit board". I sent it to Lyratronix, and got service that went above and beyond anything I could have expected. They received the board, contacted me to ask about a broken connector, diagnosed and replaced the bad components, AND shipped the board back to me, all in the same day. The problem is now fixed, and I can use my hot tub again!

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Best customer service ever!

I liked there personalized service.they took the time to call me and answer my question,that’s stellar

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Great Service

Joel was great. He fixed the burnt out spot and even replaced a broken connector which was not included in the prepaid price!!!!! My dryer works great!

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Works Great

Just wanted to follow up and let you know I put the fridge back together the same night I got the power supply back and it works great again!

Could not have gone better

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Repair of hot tub control board

Sent to them, very reasonable price, quick turnaround, worked when I got back. Would highly recommend these folks!

repair of control board for LG dryer

They did a great job, fixing the board in just a few hours and then sending it back. Dryer works great!! thanks again

Excellent Service

Very professional and their service turnaround time is as promised. Definitely would recommend and use their services in the future.

Hobart circuit board repair.

A trust worthy company.The process worked as stated. Ship the part to them, they repaired it in 1 day and shipped back. The board was repaired at the price quoted. 5 gold stars for the repair service and customer experience.

R4211 circuit board.

Timely repair service, unit works great

hobart 10000 welder

nothing but as smooth and simple of a transaction with hardly no downtime got it back and has worked flawlessly will turn to them for any electronic repairs i need