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Great repair

Great repair and quick, Both the repair and getting it back to me. Hot tup works the way it should. Too bad Soft Tub didn't make the boards good to begin with.



Thankful they were able to fix my softub circuitboard from cycling

I was so greatful to have found this company on a forum and that they could fix my soft tub circuit board from cycling on and off every 30 seconds. Saved me thousands of dollars from having to replace the unit. The nearest softub repair is over 4 hrs away one way and would have taken way too long and cost too much. Im overly pleased with the entire process from checkout to providing easy instructions, a shipping label and fast turnaround. All in all it was about a week from disassembly to back in service. Cant beat that customer service!

Great Service

I appreciate the communication they provided when my board was too old to fix. They called with the news and provided suggestions. I sent in another board and they were able to fix it and sent it back quickly. Now, I am enjoying my hot tub again! Thank you so much for your service and skills.

Speedy repair

Had an issue with our softub, was told to ship the whole power pack to manufacture for repair. The shipping one way was going to be more than what the LyraTronix charged for the complete repair AND shipping. Easy process and very quick return (less than a week). Super pleased!! Thanks so much.

soft tub circuit board repair

fast turnaround....good complaints here

Quick Fix and Works

My softub is now working as it should! Thanks so much.

This company is responsible and reliable. I recommend it at 100% and their work is excellent

Highly recommend

Follow up and customer scv outstanding

Very satisfied

This company did exactly what they promised. Shipping was easy. The repair was done quickly and my power supply operates as it should. I highly recommend there services!

Softub short cycling

Softub cycling on and off constantly every few seconds to minutes once it reached temperature. sent board in and problem was fixed

Great Decision

Softub works like new. Wife very happy, which makes me very happy.

Thank You

Very impressed the quality of the service.

I asked a question and it was never answered and that is my only complaint.

Very good service

Was the right part shipped and received when promised. Pleased with the service.

Quality job at reasonable price!

Excellent job done in a timely manner…

Saved me from buying a new softub

My softub temp was wondering tried 2 new temp sensors with no luck found LyraTronix while looking for a motherboard replacement. Took my old board out dropped it off at a Walgreens with the fexex label on my supplied shipping box and had my tub up and going less then a week latter. Would have saved me $200 had I tried this before the temp sensors

T300 Softub

Thanks to LyraTronix my softub is up and running without having to wait for for months to get it repaired.
Sent the circuit board to LyraTronix. They repaired it and had it back to me in a short time.
Thanks to the personnel at LyraTronix my hot tub up up and running. I will use LyraTronix again.

Softtub repair

Awesome job. Quick turnaround, works great, highly recommend.

Motherboard repaired and working for now 30 days from being repaired

Softub circuit board repair

My softub is working perfect now! The process for sending my circuit board to LyraTronix was very easy and it was returned to me repaired in about 8 days

Quick service

Very happy with the quick turnaround time.

Everything worked perfectly. Thanks

Service worth 10 stars!

The Softub circuit board has inherent issues from the factory and their warranty process is a joke. Lyratronix fixes all the known issues with these boards within days and its worth every penny to keep my spa in service instead of empty for 8 months. Thank you Lyratronix!

Softub control panel

Works like new, your schedule is exactly what you said it would be, it's a breath of fresh air when a business says we can fix it this is the cost and this is the shipping times, and then live up to it. I have passed your name onto several of my friends who own hot tubs. I hop I never have to do business with you again, but I know I will. Thanks for a job well done. Jim