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They fixed it.

Softub Circuit Board

LyraTronix fixed my circuit board and returned it in less time than what was stated.
I have had it in the hot tub now for a few weeks and it is working flawlessly. My hot tub was "short-cycling".

Circuit board repair

Awesome job from shipping out to receiving. Quality repair and also informative on the cause of damage in the first place so the issue hopefully can be avoided in the future! Highly recommend!

AmazIng! 10/10 No notes

I have a Softub that was experiencing “short cycling” problems. Then eventually the soft tub would not start up. And doing my research I found out about Lyratronix. I took out the circuitboard and mailed it to them. I had my circuitboard back from them within seven days and it works beautifully

Softub Short Cycling Fixed!

About ten days from sending in circuit board to return. The following night we were soaking. Short cycling fixed! Thank you so much.

Highly recommended

Was skeptical at first about sending this off for repairs. I went ahead and took the chance and to my relief it was a great choice. The board was repaired and sent back good as new. Put it back in the welder and fired it right up. Thanks for the great communications and repair.

Great Communication and Service



Fast service, worked great


My SOFTUB had been short cycling for quite a while and the cost to repair at the local SOFTUB dealer was outrageous. I stumbled across LyraTronix while searching a solution online and decided it was worth a shot. After opening up the power unit, I took several pictures of the circuit board connections as recommended, then removed board and sent it in. In one week it was returned, reinstalled and is working just fine. If your SOFTUB is experiencing the problems described on the Lyratronics site, this is the company you want to deal with as long as you have the ability to remove and reinstall the circuit board.

Softub T300 Circuit Board Repair

We recently sent the circuit board for our Softub to Lyratronix after trying with no success to work with Softub. Softub would not sell any parts, but wanted the entire pump sent in which would have resulted in a very costly and lengthy repair. After searching the internet, we stumbled upon Lyratronix. The cost to repair the board was minimal, so we decided to try it. The whole process was easy and fast. When we reinstalled the board, the tub still didn't work. We sent an email to Lyratronix and Joel called us within five minutes. After explaining the problem to him, he went through several possibilities and landed on an unusual one he had seen before. We tried that and we were back in business! Joel even called us back in about half an hour to see how we were doing. Joel was knowledgeable, courteous, and more than willing to help us out. After a year and a half of our tub being unusable, Lyratronix had us up and running in under two weeks. We would recommend Lyratronix any day of the week over trying to work with Softub.

Thanks LYRATRONIX and especially JOEL!

Saved my soft tub

Quick service to get my Softub back up and running like new. Extremely happy would recommend 10/10


Wonderful service. I highly recommend them . I think the cost was well worth it

Soft tub fixed!

We have had our Softub circuit board, repaired by LyraTronix, installed for several months now and it is working perfectly. Thank you for an easy simple process and quick turn around!

Excellent job repairing board! Super amazing quality of repair. Also Joel helped correct a wiring issue on board previous owner had done. Thankyou

Saved me buying a new fridge

I don’t give out positive feedback very often because it is usually not warranted, but in this case I cannot give a higher recommendation based on my repair experience. The price is reasonable and the turnaround could not have been faster. It is super refreshing when a company does exactly what it says. Your service saved me thousands of dollars I did not have to spend on a new refrigerator. Thank you very much for your timeliness and professionalism.

hobart portable welder

installed repaired circuit board -problem solved. quick turn around.

Norcold Marine Refrigerator Power Supply

My boat refrigerator power supply was taken out by lightning. The part was obesity. LyraTronix repaired it . The turnaround time was great. Approx. a week. My only option would have been replacing the fridge which would have cost $1400. I highly recommend them.


Very good work 👏 and fast 👏 thank you 😊 💓

Worked Perfectly!!

Found board to be bad after recepticals and weld output would work for the first 3 or so seconds after the engine was started. Removed board, sent in and got it back in 2 days since lyratronix is so close to my house. Installed board and the it took off like a top! 115v on recepticals and plenty of welding current!! Definitely recommend this service!!

Great Service

We had an issue with the DC working with our Norcold refrigerator just fine, but suddenly the AC voltage would NOT work. Attempted to find replacement for the power board, my wife discovered several encouraging reviews of similar issue being resolved by LyraTronix Company. I placed a call to Joel as I was uneasy about shipping off my perhaps never to be seen again board and was reassured they were reputable and reliable. Our experience was top notch. Printed off the shipping label they emailed to us, sent via UPS on Wed afternoon, received acknowledgement of receipt 2 days later on Fri. Amazingly it was returned fixed the following Fri. Able to reinstall and now have a working fridge once again on our 2021 Wellcraft Martinique. We were elated they were prompt, did what they said, the service was great. Best of all we were saved from the ridiculous expense of replacing the entire refrigerator. Very happy customers, will recommend them to any of our dock partners who have similar issue. Jeff Ryan 8/15/23

Mother board dryer

Great work and fast

Softub repair

We've owned our Soft Spa softub for just over 3 years, and after months of the pump cycling on and off every few minutes non-stop, we called the company and were told that we would need to ship the entire pump to them for repair. The cost of shipping and repair was ridiculous and a turn around time of potentially months drove us to search out other remedies. Your company repaired the motherboard and the time frame was less than 2 weeks. Not only was the price affordable, the system now works perfectly!! I would not recommend a soft spa purchase to anyone, but thanks to this company, we are now able to enjoy our soft tub again. Highly recommend this company. Seamless and amazing service from start to finish!!!

Softub circuit board repair

I had all but given up getting my softub repaired when I came across your website; so glad I found it. The repair was quick and price was reasonable. Thanks again!

Pleasant surprise!

Spent months off and on trying to find replacement for the norcold frig in our class B motorhome. Because of the size limits, could not go bigger. Finally found your site and took what I thought a gamble. I was blown away by your speedy service and the quality of your work. That little frig was wired up and working. Thank you so much for being a company that keeps its word. It is something I am sure you are very proud of. Thanks again for your help.


Dear LyraTronix,
Great Job! We are so happy to have our Soft Tub back in service! I had very low expectations that you would be able to repair our mother board. It was smoked. Literally! But back it came, looking good and even better, functioning perfectly! Thank you so much!