About Us

Hi there! I am glad you found us. Chances are you landed on our page because you are looking for someone who can repair a circuit board. If that is the case, then you are definitely in the right place! LYRATRONIX is a circuit board repair business located in Cedar Park, Texas; close enough to Austin to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, but far enough away to have that secluded, small town feel. We like to think of our business in the same way. Our technicians can crank out exceptional repairs to keep up with big city production, but we can also slow down, enjoy some conversation, and talk about issues you may be facing with your machine. Think of us as a holistic approach to your electronic repair needs.

What we do…

At LYRATRONIX, we offer repair solutions for a wide range of industries: beverage, chemical, dental, food, infrastructure, textiles, water & wastewater, medical, metals & mining, metal fabrication, plastics, printing, semiconductor, wind power and more. We provide services to businesses, service providers, and consumers alike. Some of our more popular business and service provider repairs include: injection molding machines, CNC saws, cosmetic laser machines, dental x-ray machines, HVAC components, motor & servo drives, plasma cutters, temperature controllers, and welders. Our most common consumer circuit board repairs include: ovens, dryers, wine coolers, and RV/boat fridges. These are just some examples of what we work on, check out our categories page for more!

Our mission…

Our mission is to offer economical repair solutions while preserving the customer relationship with honest, dependable service. The goal here at LYRATRONIX is to propose alternative repair solutions that reduce costs as well as resources. While at the same time offering unmatched service with customized repair solutions and convenient ordering, shipping, and payment options. Providing excellent service that supports trust and dependability with our customers is our highest priority. As a team, we live out our mission by asking ourselves these three questions with every inquiry or repair: is the repair economical, have we cultivated a relationship with our customer, and did we provide honest service. We believe in doing right by the customer, it is as simple as that.

I would love to have the opportunity to show you what we can do and to earn your business. For my local Austinites, swing by the shop and say hello or for my distant friends, give me a call or send a message!