About Us

LyraTronix offers circuit board repair solutions for a wide range of industries: beverage, chemical, dental, food, infrastructure, textiles, water & wastewater, medical, metals & mining, metal fabrication, plastics, printing, semiconductor, wind power and more. LyraTronix provides services to businesses, service providers, and consumers alike. Some of the more popular business and service provider repairs include injection molding machines, CNC saws, cosmetic laser machines, dental x-ray machines, HVAC components, motor & servo drives, plasma cutters, temperature controllers, and welders. The most common consumer circuit board repairs include ovens, dryers, wine coolers, and RV and boat refrigerators.

Our Mission

The mission at LyraTronix is to offer economical repair solutions while preserving the customer relationship with honest, dependable service. LyraTronix proposes alternative repair solutions that reduce costs as well as resources, while at the same time offering unmatched service and convenient ordering, shipping, and payment options. Providing excellent service that supports trust and dependability with customers is the highest priority.

Printed Circuit Board Repair

Do you have a machine that is not working or broken equipment due to a faulty circuit board? Are you looking for a circuit board repair service? LyraTronix specializes in the repair of circuit boards.

There are many different components of a circuit board that can fail. These are some of the most common:

Resistors | Capacitors | Diodes | Switches | Inductors | Transistors | Integrated Circuits | Relays | Fuses | Optocouplers | Transformers | Copper Traces | Solder Joints | Fans

LyraTronix uses specialized equipment to test and repair all the components of a circuit board. In addition to the initial repair service request, extensive experience in circuit board repair allows LyraTronix to proactively replace components that tend to fail most often.

Often, people believe they are out of options when the warranty on their equipment is expired. The same thing goes for those with older equipment. If you suspect a damaged circuit board and the product is no longer covered under warranty or available from the manufacturer, LyraTronix can help. By utilizing our circuit board repair service, most damaged or obsolete electronics can be restored.