LyraTronix Repair Services

LyraTronix is an electronics repair business that specializes in the repair of Commercial, Industrial, Dental and Medical electronic equipment. We serve businesses, service providers and end users by providing quick repairs, often with significant cost savings when compared to OEM replacements. Our most frequently serviced items consists of CNC & Saw electronics, Dental Circuit Boards, Embroidery Electronics, Medical Laser PCBs, Power Supplies, Plastics Processing Equipment,  Printing Press & Binder PCBs, Process & Temperature Controls, PLCs, Plasma Cutters, Servo Drives & Critical Power Equipment (UPS). No matter the make, model or manufacture date, our staff troubleshoots PCBs to the component level and is highly successful in sourcing new and obsolete components. Looking for a Circuit Board Repair provider? Call us, we can help keep your equipment working properly.


Industry Solutions

LyraTronix provides repair solutions for a wide variety of industries.
Aviation | Beverage | Chemicals | Dental | Food | Infrastructure | Textiles | Water & Wastewater | Medical | Metals & Mining | Metal Fabrication | Plastics | Printing | Semiconductor | Wind Power and more