How much will my repair cost?

Unless you have selected one of the pre-priced repairs from the website, it varies. There are so many factors that go into a repair that it is impossible to give an accurate quote over the phone.  Oftentimes, there is more involved than what meets the eye, so the best bet is to send in your item and let us look at it.  After we have had time to troubleshoot, we will provide a written estimate. We require your written approval before any repair can begin.

How long will the repair take?

Some repairs have a 1-day turnaround, as stated on the products page, other repairs vary between 1-10 business days.  In the rare case that a repair might take longer than 10 days, we will reach out to you and keep you updated on the status.

Is there a warranty on my repair?

Almost all repairs have a 12-month warranty.  Warranty information will be stated on your estimate if applicable.

Do you charge a diagnostic fee?

Unless you have placed a repair order through the website on one of the pre-priced repairs, then yes, we charge a $75 diagnostic fee.

What parts are you going to replace?

This information is for our internal use only.

Do you accept orders from outside of the USA?

Yes, please contact us.