Facts Engineering F2-02DA-2 Repair


Facts Engineering F2-02DA-2 Repair Service

Industrial electronics repair is our core business. For this reason, we invest our energy in providing a high quality, cost effective repair solution for our customers. The Facts Engineering F2-02DA-2 is a PLC. LyraTronix is here for all your Facts Engineering F2-02DA-2 repair needs.

  • Brand: Facts Engineering
  • Models: F2-02DA-2, F202DA2
  • Warranty: 12 Months

What To Expect From Your Facts Engineering PLC Repair:

  • A skilled technician will identify and replace faulty components and proactively replace other components, thus reducing the likelihood of future failures.
  • A technician will clean and refurbish each unit, in addition to the repair.
  • When applicable, a technician will reapply conformal coating to help insulate against environmental damage.