Forest Dental FDC0411-38 Repair Service

Send your Forest Dental FDC0411-38 to LyraTronix for a high-quality repair backed by a 12-month warranty.


Forest Dental FDC0411-38 is professionally repaired by LyraTronix. By using our send-in repair service, you can take advantage of a cost-saving repair and a quick turn-around. Our experts can diagnose the problem and take measures to minimize future failures through proactive component replacement. The repair of dental circuit boards is our specialty and we understand the effects of faulty equipment, machine downtime, and high replacement costs. With each completed repair, our staff strives to restore your equipment both inside and out, by cleaning, re-applying structural component adhesives, and replacing thermal compounds, fans, and questionable switches when applicable. Send your Forest Dental FDC0411-38 to LyraTronix for a quality repair, backed by a 12-month warranty.

  • Brand: Forest Dental
  • Model: FDC0411-38
  • Warranty: 12 Months

What To Expect From Your Forest Dental FDC0411-38 Repair Service:

  • A skilled technician will identify and replace faulty components and proactively replace other components, thus reducing the likelihood of future failures.
  • Refurbished, not just repaired!
  • When applicable, a technician will reapply conformal coating to help insulate against environmental damage.