Softub 9037620 Repair Service


If your Softub 9037620 is broken, you’ll want to keep reading. Our repair process is simple and we can help you avoid high replacement costs.

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This is a repair service for your defective Softub 9037620.  If your Softub T-300/200 PCB exhibits any of the following conditions, we can help.

-turns off and on frequently (short cycling)

-pump comes on instantly and won’t turn off

-red heat light stays on, but the jets do not come on.

How do I get mine repaired?

Place an order and we’ll send a shipping label to your email within 24 hours (on business days). Carefully package your part and send it.

Fast repair turnaround

A qualified technician will complete the repair within two business days of delivery to us.


A 12-month warranty for workmanship and defects.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.5 × 2 in




Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Keith M.
Repair Of Softub Board

Great job, your circuit board repair completely fixed the pump frequently cycling on-off, and we received the repaired circuit board quickly. I'd highly recommend LyraTronix for repairing this problem with a Softub Unit as opposed to sending to Softub for repair.

S. W.
Softub circuit board

It works! Very pleased. Fast turn around.

Jennifer K.
Glad I used this service!

I am so happy - my Softub had been cycling off and on for a few months and the manufacturer quoted a high price to diagnose the problem. I’d even have to send the whole unit back. No thanks! I found your website and sent in my board, I received updates during the process and my fixed board was back in about a week! It was so easy! Very happy 😃

Jeff L.
Softub Motor Cycling On and Off - Highly Recommend Lyra Tronix

Our three year old Softub pump motor began short cycling on and off every 30 seconds. After having had a poor experience with Softub customer service, I decided to replace the circuit panel myself. I found a new circuit panel on the internet and it was over $400. Then, I ran across the Lyra Tronix store! For $150 Lyra Tronix repaired our circuit panel and it works like new. It is not that difficult to remove and reinstall the circuit panel. Mail your circuit panel to Lyra Tronix, they will fix it and mail it right back. Total time for mailing and return was two weeks using priority mail over a holiday. I am very happy with the results, service and highly recommend Lyra Tronix. Thank you!

Roger S.
Saved our Softub

Our soft had been gradually acting more and more strangely, unable to maintain a constant temperature, making the water dangerously hot. I had replaced the sensors, hoping that might help, but no. There are little to no parts available, and Softub support is non-existent, so we were about ready to give up and scrap it. We tried having LyraTronix fix the circuit board as a last ditch effort, and Voila! The tub is working again! If you have the aptitude to disassemble the pump and remove the circuit board (not that hard, just remember to take pics so you remember how it all goes back together) I highly recommend this service.