LG EBR36858802 Repair Service


If your LG EBR36858802 has failed, you’ll want to keep reading. Our repair process is simple and we can help you avoid high replacement costs.

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This is a repair service for your LG EBR36858802 dryer board. If your dryer is not working due to a blown trace on the circuit board, LYRATRONIX offers a quick, cost-saving solution.

How do I get mine repaired?

Place an order and we’ll send a shipping label to your email. Carefully package your part and send it.

Fast repair turnaround

A qualified technician will complete the repair within One business day of delivery to us.


A 12-month warranty for quality and defects.

Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 3.75 × 2.25 in




Customer Reviews

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Controller repair for LG dryer

Dryer controller died and no replacement parts are available so contacted them for a repair. They replied quickly and completed repair by next morning. Installed the repaired part and everything works again. Highly recommend.

repair of control board for LG dryer

They did a great job, fixing the board in just a few hours and then sending it back. Dryer works great!! thanks again

Expert repair of an obsolete (LG dryer) control board

LyraTronix is a professionally run business located outside Austin that I can strongly recommend. I turned to them when I was unable to locate either a new or refurbished main control board for my LG dryer. They were very responsive to both phone and email. I live in Houston so I had to mail the board in. Their shipping process made it very simple. After completing the order I got a call suggesting I lower the shipping speed to UPS Ground which saved me $20. I dropped the package at UPS on Tuesday night and had it back on Friday. The dryer is back up and running perfectly. Truly great service and I could not be happier. Thanks Joel!