Norcold 160113911 Repair Service


This is a repair service for your Norcold 160113911 power supply. Please read the information below to learn more about the process.

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If your Norcold 160113911 power supply has any of the following problems, we can help.

  • It works on DC, but not on AC or it only functions the other way around (AC, not DC)
  • It does not work at all, no power output.

Tip: If your Norcold model DE441, DE451, or DE490 refrigerator does not work at all, it is a good idea to check the resistance of the compressor (should be approximately 3 ohms).

Alias Part Number: 160113910

How do I get mine repaired?

Place an order and we’ll send a shipping label to your email. Carefully package your part and send it.

Quick repair turnaround

A qualified technician will complete the repair within four days of delivery to us.


A 12-month warranty for quality and defects.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 5 × 3 in




Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
James F.
Norcold Marine Refrigerator Power Supply

My boat refrigerator power supply was taken out by lightning. The part was obesity. LyraTronix repaired it . The turnaround time was great. Approx. a week. My only option would have been replacing the fridge which would have cost $1400. I highly recommend them.

Jeffrey R.
Great Service

We had an issue with the DC working with our Norcold refrigerator just fine, but suddenly the AC voltage would NOT work. Attempted to find replacement for the power board, my wife discovered several encouraging reviews of similar issue being resolved by LyraTronix Company. I placed a call to Joel as I was uneasy about shipping off my perhaps never to be seen again board and was reassured they were reputable and reliable. Our experience was top notch. Printed off the shipping label they emailed to us, sent via UPS on Wed afternoon, received acknowledgement of receipt 2 days later on Fri. Amazingly it was returned fixed the following Fri. Able to reinstall and now have a working fridge once again on our 2021 Wellcraft Martinique. We were elated they were prompt, did what they said, the service was great. Best of all we were saved from the ridiculous expense of replacing the entire refrigerator. Very happy customers, will recommend them to any of our dock partners who have similar issue. Jeff Ryan 8/15/23

Ronald H.
Pleasant surprise!

Spent months off and on trying to find replacement for the norcold frig in our class B motorhome. Because of the size limits, could not go bigger. Finally found your site and took what I thought a gamble. I was blown away by your speedy service and the quality of your work. That little frig was wired up and working. Thank you so much for being a company that keeps its word. It is something I am sure you are very proud of. Thanks again for your help.

William M.
Went the extra mile

My component needed more than normal repairs, they stayed with their flat rate estimate and had a quick turnaround.

Steven C.

Norcold 160113911 Repair Service