Terms & Conditions

Repairs are covered by a 12-month warranty. Should the repair fail during the warranty period, customer must send item back for re-examination. LyraTronix is not liable for misuse or incorrect handling of repaired item once it has left our facility.

Customer acknowledges that they have done a thorough examination of the issue(s) they are experiencing and have identified that the item sent for repair is part of the problem. LyraTronix is not responsible for misdiagnosis by the customer.

LyraTronix is not liable for any problems arising from the attempted repair. Customer acknowledges the items are in a currently broken and unusable state and that this repair is an attempt to restore usable functionality.

Accurately troubleshooting and repairing electronics requires extensive training and experience. In order to protect our investment, we do not share repair details, including parts replaced, with anyone outside the company.